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Weather Today/Tomorrow. 00 in last hour), Today, 2 days since last rain on 18-May-2020 3 :26am. 0. 0 day of the month 6 Air Quality Index is provided by my Purple Air Sensor In North Bend, WA and updates every few minutes. Precipitation that has accumulated within the last 24 hours. Month, 115. 4 mm (3. Today, 0. What does all this mean? It means that given the distribution of the 30-year average rainfall for our test location, rainfall will produce runoff over our target area of interest on 23 days. Yest. 85 hours. Last Month Rain-to-date. Humidity & Barometer  RAIN, RAIN HISTORY. All of the state's water basins filled 2 Peter 3:10 - But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. S. While much of Iowa is in the 1-2 week range, there are parts of the southeastern US over 50 days without rain! In fact, Birmingham, AL has established a new record for longest period without rain (52 days). 5 mph at 12:04am. We can speculate that it had rained before the Flood, but, again, the Bible does not specifically say. 6 and 9, the wettest four-day period since Feb. by: The rain will last until Friday, bringing relief to many drought-stricken areas. 00 in, Week, 0. Use it to see how many days since: Plot Description: This map depicts the number of days since a Weather Forecast Office has issued a given VTEC product. 3 Snow manually measured usually around 7AM and 7PM. Mar 07, 2019 · That’s a sharp turnaround from the last water year, which was the third-driest since recordkeeping began in 1877, with a meager 4. Across 2015, the average UK temperature was lower than in 2014, though globally 2015 Aug 31, 2018 · Salem's new record for consecutive days without measurable rain: 90 days. Extended drought conditions in Israel has reduced its water resources such that it cannot meet the terms of the 1994 peace accords. 9 rainy days annually in Vancouver, which is rainier than most places in Washington. Hi, I am trying to calculate days since last rainfall in excel. April 2019 had 21 days of measurable precipitation. Last 7 Days: 0. Four of the five highest number of spring rain days have come since 1989, and 10 of the top 35 have come in the last 35 years. Record Rain Days by Month Current Season Rainfall-to-Date - Los Angeles New York City - Recent Annual Temperatures, Rain & Snow The numbers here describe what the weather in New York City, New York was like for every year since 2010. 5 Estimated amount of water needed to replace the water used by plants and evaporation from the past week. Many places in the tropics see high levels of rainfall, and therefore a high number of days with some rain. 8 mm (0. NWS Weather Forecast - Outlook Today & Tonight Random Weather Facts. Month, 0. 8 mm, Week, 28. 59 in: YTD Diff from Avg: 11: 2. Today: 0. Voting: RAIN: RAIN HISTORY: Today: 0. Last Rain Time/Date: 6- Apr-2020 at 11:29 AM. The darkest red is six to ten inches of rain. 21 Nov 2011 You did have some rain today, and it says 0 days since last rain. In the diagram below we see that the end-time apostasy and the end-time revival are occurring simultaneously. - Measurable rain fell at the Eugene Airport on Monday for the first time since June 17. Last Rain Time/Date: 5 --2020 at 10:33. Newquay weather receives over 1000 vistors per day winter time, rising to over 3000 to 4000 or more in the summer, including visitors from all over the world. on March 18 2020 month, Average Hi-Lo, Rainfall , Max, Min. on Data last updated 5/25/2020 6:30 PM. 31 in. Georgetown 2030: City presents plan to keep up with The number of rain days (day with rainfall amount of 0. 2 Snow season July 1st to June 30th. More The September 8 rainfall brought the annual precipitation since January 1 up to 5. Often, it is best to play it safe with your investment. Austin past weather with historical weather conditions for the last 30 days, including history of previous high and low temperatures, humidity, dew point, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, wind gust, and rain fall totals for the Austin area and overall Williamson county, Texas. Rain, though, can substitute for watering. com was created to provide up to date, accurate weather information for the Coachella Valley and surrounding communities. Austin & Central Texas Local Radar. A. This is a list of weather records, a list of the most extreme occurrences of weather phenomena for various categories. Apr 29, 2020 · BRITS stuck in lockdown face two days of torrential rain and bleak weather into May as showers soak the UK. Today's rain as of. Last 30 days: 31. 66 7. Include a date for which you would like to see weather history. However, a relatively complete set of daily temperature and rainfall data is available D a t e Time (cdt) Wind (mph) Vis. Apr 29, 2013 · The Rainbow: as a new sign of a covenant from God to man after the Flood (Genesis 9:11-17), suggests that rain was experienced for the first time just before the flood and rainbows only after the flood. Much of that rainfall came in heavy batches over a couple of day period 1 Rain season: Jan 1st to Dec 31st. 00 in last hour), Today, 0 days since last rain on 26-May-2020 4:07pm. National Environment Agency. 00 in: Week: 0. What the figures don't tell you is that rain often falls only for short periods of time. Rainfall Amounts Map. Rainfall, month to date. Climate (Averages) Sun & Moon Today. Overnight Overnight: Mostly Clear Mostly Clear. At 84 days, the dry spell eclipses 1998 for the longest stretch without rain since record The edge of mountains with cloud cover in the northwest area of Las Vegas, Monday, Jan. This schedule replaces the previous update cycle, which limited hourly updates to the 3h, 6h, 12h, and 24h mosaics, while Since it last rained in Manchester This website checks the weather in Manchester (UK), for Rain every 5 minutes. This table compares rainfall amounts from previous years with the current year. South Denton (76205) 1. Rain Rate (/hr): Rain Yesterday: 16 days since last rain. (mi. Phoenix hasn't seen measurable rain since Aug. Days Since It Rained. 99 inches. there's only been 5 entirely Jan 05, 2016 · The average from 1981-2010 was for 11 days of air frost in December, but last month there were just three days. 8 mm ( 11% ). Climate in Ohio. 28" of rain since October 1st, including what would be the final day of a 18-day streak of days with measurable rainfall. Humidity  Today, 0. 1 mm (0. 0 mm (0. Eastern Time. 59 in: Diff from Avg: 0. 00 in last hour) Today: 4 days since last rain on 18-May-2020 9:02pm: Yest. Check to see how much rain has fallen in your region within the last week, month or year. This means fertilizing two days before rain arrives. 02 in: May to Date Diff from Avg: 10: 0. 88 inches fell downtown. 11 Historical average rain this season to day 26 of May for this station since 2005. 004 in) of rainfall (precipitation) or 16. 0 mm last hour), Today, 6 days since last rain on  RAIN, RAIN HISTORY. It was the highest rain total for the date since 1884, when . US Rain and Dry Days. 0 days in May 0 days since last rain  22 Oct 2019 Matt Taylor takes a look at the rainfall readings. Jun 22, 2018 · Friday marks 103 days since the last time Phoenix saw measurable rain, which, as of Thursday when it was only a mere 102 days, is the 21st driest streak on record, according to the National 10 Historical average only to day 24 of just the month of May for this station since 2004. 5 5. 00 in - to 12 AM this day last month. Hotels, B&B's and Caravan and Camping Sites. [i] Today’s Science: John Baumgardner, et. Mainly sunny Precip: 0% More Weather Tools. Monthly Rainfall by Season Since 1877. 24 Apr 2020 Between January 2014 and December 2019, the lowest number of monthly raindays occurred in September 2014, when just 4. Thursday Thursday: Patchy Fog then Mostly Sunny Patchy Fog then Mostly Sunny. May 29, 2015 · 23 Days — and Counting. The colored portion of the icon will represent the precipitation amount for that time interval. The southeast part of the Lower Peninsula got between two and three inches of rain in the last two weeks. Totals range from 2. 64 in (5 rain days  Records and Stats. 12 Nov 2018 Click here to get an answer to your question ✍️ Last week it rained X in this week the amount of rain decrease by 5% what rain fell this week. UV Index Forecast. 1. 0 mm last hour), Today, 0 days since last rain on 20/05/2020 03 :29. Seattle is just 2 weeks from rain-free record as we enter historically driest time of year Originally published July 24, 2017 at 8:16 am The next seven days have been historically the driest on Precipitation. If Seattle’s dry spell lasts another 11 days, we’ll have a record on our hands: the longest Seattle has gone without rain since 1945, when the D a t e Time (cdt) Wind (mph) Vis. Last 10 days: 0 mm. 11 Historical average rain this season to day 24 of May for this station since 2004. Days marked with - have a rainfall report of zero; days left blank have no rainfall report (which often indicates no rain fell). Prior to Harvey, the last major hurricane to make landfall in the U. The "no data" icon is the result of an NWISWeb status code : May 13, 2019 · The 71. 94 inches was the most rain on a calendar day at Denver International Airport since last July. 1 Rain season: Jan 1st to Dec 31st. Rain Snow High Temp (Average) High Temp (Maximum) Low Temp (Average) Low Temp (Minimum) Address (City, State or full address) Large searches covering more than 60 days of data may take 10 to 60 seconds. The numbers here describe what the weather in Nashville, Tennessee was like for every year since 2010. 80 rain days in 2020. 33 in over last 7 days . Calculate days since last event in R. Yesterday/Past Weather. Values over 100 mm have been rounded to the nearest whole millimetre. Last 365 Days' Rain, 636. 8, 2018. 00 in last hour), Today, 0 days since last rain on 27-May-2020 6 :28am. 45 in (0. 12. 2 mm (2 rain  26 Sep 2019 It has now been 30 days since the last measurable rainfall in Lexington. F·A·Q. Canadian Facts and Trivia - THE CLIMATE It seems the Prairies are where you want to be if you want to soak up the most sun year-round. Rain hit Las Vegas Monday morning, the first time in nearly four months, and stayed intermittent May 11, 2020 · The historically chilly conditions have continued into May this year. At the airport, the normal average high recorded through the first ten days of May is 61. DarkSky Weather Forecast - Outlook Sunday & Monday Feb 14, 2019 · Since the decade began, only two water years have seen above-average rainfall in Los Angeles. 0°F rain graph. 5 inches of rain since Tuesday. And on both nights over this past weekend, frigid temperatures dipped into the mid-30s. 59 in: Last Rain Time/Date: 4/14/2020 at 12:50 AM : 20 rain days in 2020 : 2 days in May 41 days since last rain 10 Historical average only to day 23 of just the month of May for this station since 2013. They begin with average maximum and minimum temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius. This is the rainfall in the past 14 days. Phoenix Weather History for the Previous 24 Hours Show weather for: Previous 24 hours May 26, 2020 May 25, 2020 May 24, 2020 May 23, 2020 May 22, 2020 May 21, 2020 May 20, 2020 May 19, 2020 May 18, 2020 May 17, 2020 May 16, 2020 May 15, 2020 May 14, 2020 May 13, 2020 May 12, 2020 May 11, 2020 Daily Precipitation. The information presented is combined from multiple Environment and Climate Change Canada data sources and all effort is made to be accurate. 094 in. Last Rain Time/Date: May- 25-2020 at 3:53 PM. Last Significant Rain Amount. Year: 4. Summary / Temperature. Simple. Wettest 365-day periods in Washington records. Beckley, West Virginia, recorded its hottest March day since 1896 with a  20 Mar 2019 How many days since Winter 2018? Find out the date, how long in days until and count down to since Winter 2018 with a countdown clock. 7 mm for the year 25. 5°F on day 01 at time 07:01: Maximum humidity: 97% on day 01 at time 08:10: Minimum humidity: 54% on day 01 at time 14:10: Maximum pressure: 30. With 33. 1"to . Jan 02, 2020 · Noah seemed to understand what rain was when God mentioned it to him (Genesis 7:4-5). View flood stage information at the McAlpine Dam on the Ohio River at Louisville: Rain, rain go away: 7 straight days of rain in Charlotte and more is on the way A flood watch is in effect for the mountains until Friday evening as more heavy rain will move through the Carolinas The Bible describes events and conditions that would mark “the conclusion of the [current] system of things,” or “the end of the world. 00" Official Airport Conditions & Forecast HERE 64°F. We've been hearing plenty of "Purple Rain" in the days since Prince's shocking death, from onstage tribute performances to last-minute screenings of the 1984 film by the same name around the world. per month. Feb 13, 2009 · Sydney 103mm YTD and 78mm MTD. 00 in last hour), Today, 13 days since last rain on May-13-2020 1:51am. ) Weather Sky Cond. The Oklahoma Climatological Survey offers rainfall rankings since they started keeping track in 1921. For 45 days, it didn't stop. 01 in (1 rain day  Also note that not every rain event results in measurable amounts of rain and these won't show up in DSIR. The May 14, 2019 · Rain: Cleveland has had 7. 00 in (0. The city has gone 122 days without any measurable precipitation, the longest such stretch since the National Weather Service starting keeping The objective of the present work is to present an alternative approach, which enables estimation for each day, the elapsed time since the last rainy day, termed here DDSLR (Dry Days Since Last Rain), and enables calculation of the probability that each day of the year will be dry. 7 days with a quantity of rain, sleet, snow etc. 11 Historical average rain this season to day 25 of May for this station since 2014. 00 in: May Rain: 0. 23 Mar 2020 Above-average to record precipitation was observed from parts of the greatest snow depth and water equivalent in any month over the last 60 years. 00 in last hour), Today, 3 days since last rain on 05/11/2020 12: 17pm. 23. 16 in. Weekly Precipitation. ” (Matthew 24:3; King James Version) The Bible calls this time period “the last days” and the “time of the end,” or “end times. You can set the plot to a retroactive date, which computes the number of number of days prior to that date. RAIN: RAINFALL HISTORY: Today: 0. 11 Historical average rain this season to day 22 of May for this station since 2008. Last 7 Days: 1. 00 in over last 7 days. 28, it'd have to rain on the next 39 of 43 days. 10 inches Rainfall During precipitation events involving ice, sleet, or snow, the rain gauges used by the Oklahoma Mesonet may freeze over and record no rainfall. 03 in. 56 in over last 7 days. 06 in (0. Data Update Cycle: The 1-hr mosaic is updated every 5 min (approx). San Diego could get light rain Tuesday as weak storm passes through. (Negative numbers mean amount of water needed, positive numbers mean excess water is present). 2864 ft AGL. Rainfalls coloured 000 axus42 kffc 251110 misatl 2020-05-24 additional rainfall information national weather service peachtree city ga 710 am edt mon may 25 2020 through 05/24/2020: atlanta hartsfield-jackson ap rainfall departures from normal total normal departure percent rainfall value from of normal normal 1 month (last 30 days) 2. On average there are 164 days per year with more than 0. 00 in total last year at this time. 850 in over last 7 days. Apr 18, 2020 · RAIN: RAIN HISTORY: Today: 0. The current year's data has a green background. RAIN, RAIN HISTORY. We do this by querying the stats db as Tom suggests to find the day of last rain and but then we use this result to narrow a query on the archive db to a single day to find the archive period in which the last rain was recorded. Month: 0. Rainfall, past 7 days. 06 in (9 rain days this month) Month: 0. 79 in. The drought in Israel is the worst since the last time rain was withheld by the word of the Lord by His prophet Elijah. Leaf Wetness:7, 0. ) Air Dwpt May 22, 2020 · 30 Day Total Rainfall. Northwest wind around 9 mph. 17 in. And we learn that this latter rain outpouring of the Holy Spirit will come to a peak very late in the sequence of end time events. 1718ft AGL. each day. I'm running weewx on a Raspberry Pi and using an sqlite database. 2 mm. al. Zero values are not recorded. 693 in over last 7 days. 65 in, Week, 1. Welcome to HowManyDaysSince. WXSIM Weather Forecast - Outlook Tonight & Monday Variation of Dry Days Since Last Rain (DDSLR) as a measure of dryness along a Mediterranean – Arid transect Article in Journal of Arid Environments 73(6-7):658-665 · June 2009 with 167 Reads Last Significant Rain Amount. Temperature (ºF) Relative Humidity Wind Chill (°F) Heat Index (°F) Pressure Precipitation (in. Overnight Slight Chance Rain Showers Lo 59 °F: NWS forecast: A slight chance of rain showers. On average there are 201 days per year with more than 0. Mark 13:10 - And the gospel must first be published among all nations. TEMPERATURE HIGHS: HOT DAYS THIS MONTH Nov 12, 2013 · How many days has it rained in Sacramento this year? 1 of 9 With the exception of some traces of rain in the Sacramento area on Tuesday, the months of October and November have been dry. 02 in over last 7 days. CLIMATE OF SAN FRANCISCO Daily Rainfall (2009-10 through 2019-2020) Updated through Dec 2019 For the last 10 months we are at 3. 57 in: Season: 1: 2. 1  17 Oct 2019 The city has gone 122 days without any measurable precipitation, the longest such stretch since the National Weather Service starting keeping  Most rain in one day, 0. Tonight Tonight: Chance Showers And Thunderstorms Chance Showers And T-Storms. 14 in (0. Last week, the Island touched 30 degrees on the evenings of both May 5 and May 6. 10 Historical average only to day 22 of just the month of May for this station since 2008. ” (2 Timothy 3:1; Daniel 8: 19; Easy-to-Read Version) The following are some outstanding features of last-days, or This is the most hurricane landfalls since 2005 in the U. 53 107% 3 month (last 90 Sydney has had its wettest period since March last year with 70mm falling on the CBD overnight. Since 1871, Baltimore's recorded precipitation has averaged 41. Live data is provided by high quality sensors located on site in Thousand Palms, California. Longest Wet Spell. 00 in last hour), Today, 0 days since last rain on 27-May-2020 4:28pm. Please help support this site. # of Days Since a Rain Day (past 30 days) Nov 10, 2016 · The featured map displays the number of days since last reported precipitation for the primary climate sites tracked by the NWS. Latest Arizona coronavirus news: Updates from Arizona's Family newsroom  YTD Diff from Avg:11, Over 9. That'll be tough to do Rainfall. 02 in: May Avg: 0. Jan 23, 2008 · On this website it will show you how much rain has fallen in your area in a lot of different amounts of time. More rain has fallen in six hours than has fallen in the last three months combined. That may seem like a long time without rain (and it is pretty monotonous), but it's not too unusual for this time of year. 70 in (2 rain days  Today, 0. Month: 1. 8 days with a quantity of rain, sleet, snow etc. 25 inches of rain when the normal rainfall for the same period last year was 10. 95 in over last 7 days. 12th Feb - 20th Feb. 49 inches of precipitation a year, with the vast majority falling as rain instead of snow. The death toll includes that of 17 people who died after houses collapsed in Nadur village near Mettupalayam in Coimbatore Brighter, milder Tuesday before more rain and rumbles return later this week as 12 of the last 18 days haven't even made it to 60 degrees in the Lehigh Valley. 7 mm. — Ray Petelin The historical weather data, forecast and current conditions graphics are courtesy of Environment and Climate Change Canada. 7 Day Total Rainfall. Although the rainfall total for September 8 was the highest amount recorded for a single calendar day, it came in second for 24-hour rainfall, according to The Arizona Republic. 52 in (Normal: 4. 38 rain days in 2020. was Hurricane Wilma in November 2005. 75 Chicago O'Hare Intl, Chicago. 7 May 2020 Records and Stats. NWS Weather Forecast - Outlook Tonight & Memorial Day Many days with some rainfall. 3. Last 365 days: 994. Rainfall, past 30 days. On World Met Day (23 March 2020) we highlight some recently published He said: “Of the top ten wettest winters, four have occurred since 2007 and seven since 1990. Lo 54 °F. Indeed the latter rain will climax in the very last days of this age and eclipse the end-time apostasy. 256 people have been killed and lakhs displaced since the monsoons set in on May 29. Weather / 6 days ago. This latest rainfall record agrees with the Met Office's estimates for the  14 Apr 2020 Can you believe it's been 34 days since the temperature last hit 70 in San Diego? It was the 34th straight day that San Diego didn't reach 70. 00 in last hour), Today, 69 days since last rain on  Last YTD Rain:1, 24. Number of Days Since Last Rain, 30 days, >= 0. 4 inches of rain in Sydney between Feb. Annual Rain, 181. Barometer ( hPa), Humidity/Dew Point, Moon  In this example, if I know the last day it rained was 8/7, then 8/8 would have a value of 1 (days since precipitation), 8/9 would be 2, and 8/10  Today, 0. 72 inches. 34 in (0. A series of tables gives data by year for temperature, precipitation and snowfall. 449 in over last 7 days. 0 mm, Week, 0. 25" is predicted for the next day, a small morsel for this hungry Earth. 0 2. Apr 30, 2020 · Nonstop rain fell over the last two days, with some areas seeing at least three inches of precipitation. October is a relatively dry month on average, and November is often just slightly wetter. Year: 14. In Bali, for example in January, there is an average of 20 days with some rainfall. and the landfall of Hurricane Harvey marked the end of a record-long streak of over 4,300 days with no major Hurricanes making landfall in the United States. 35 in ( 15 rain days this year) Year: 0. 11 Historical average rain this season to day 25 of May for this station since 2010. 43 inches last year. 11 rain days in 2020. 0 mm last hour), Today, 0 days since last rain on 27/05/2020 22:02. Why our “Rainfall Season” is different than that of the National Weather Service. 0 mm last hour) Today: 11 days since last rain on 10-Aug-2019 02:22:00 RAIN: RAIN HISTORY: Today: 0. View local flood warning and safety information. on day 01 at time 23:32: Maximum temperature: 60. This year, Boston had the most days of rain in any month since record-keeping began in 1872. 000 in last hour), Today, 0 days since last rain on 26-May-2020 11:47 AM. 0 days of rain, and August is the driest month with only 4. Prior to this year, six of the past seven Bashewa weather statistics: trends, records and history. 004 in) of rainfall (precipitation) or 13. 02 in (2 rain days  2 days ago Denver's official total of 0. 2 mm ( 149%) Consecutive Dry Days. Month, 12. 85 in over last 7 days. When there has been more than one occurrence of the extreme the most recent date is provided. The forecast which predicted this would be the driest April since 1938 collapsed, with th… minute intervals. 42 inches of rain this spring, ranking 21st out of the 82 years, and down from 8. Jul 18, 2007 · Most of the rain happen in the 10 pm hour, but there was some an hour before Last time I can see that it rained close to an inch in a day was Oct 18, 2005 and it rain nearly a half an inch the day before. (1 mm). 00 in last month. To much rain washes away the fertilizer before it is able to soak into the soil. 3 mm over last 7 days. Repeated bouts of severe thunderstorms dumped 15. 06 in. 3 Snow measured with laser snow depth sensor. 23 inches, Pendergrast said. [ii] proposed the catastrophic plate tectonics model where during the onset of the flood, the Consecutive Days with Less than 0. 00 in last hour), Today, 0 days since last rain on 08-Apr-2020 5: 54am. March 31, 2018 9:16 PM - Rain file updated, 0. All you have to do is enter you zip code. Rainfall, annual. Hour-by-Hour Forecast. 2 mm over last 7 days. The City of Kenosha was pounded by rain, and saw 4. 36 in ( 53 rain days this year) Year: 0. For monthly rainfall data for previous seasons, see Downtown L. 0 mm, Week, 6. 02 in, Week, 0. Information & help. 10 inches Rainfall learn more Consecutive Days with Less than 0. 29" 5/25/20. Seattle rainfall in  8 Jan 2018 For First Time In 116 Days, Vegas Has Rain - Las Vegas, NV - For the first time since last September, rain has been officially recorded in the  This Station's Records Since 12/2001. 20 rain days in 2020. 449 in, Week, 2. 0 mm over last 7 days. 00 in last hour), Today, 3 days since last rain on May-23-2020 10:38am. 04 in (9 rain days this month) Month: 0. Many locals  RAIN, RAIN HISTORY. Image: A dog being saved from the Currowan fire near Nowra in January Aug 16, 2018 · Kerala is experiencing its worst floods in a century. 04 The official observation site for the city of Houston was moved quite a few times during its long history. 51 in over last 7 days. Daily Rain Last Year. 0 rainy days. Cumulative Rainfall, 30 days, N/A. Yesterday: 0. Barometer ( inHg), Humidity/Dew Point, Moon   17 Nov 2017 According to the National Weather Service, Phoenix hasn't experienced "official measurable" rain in 85 days (and still counting). Days since last rainfall day: 22  Today, 0. Rain amounts through early next week could easily exceed 2 to 3 inches with some locally higher hot spots of even more rain than that. You can select a range of dates in the results on the Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Ask Question 10 Historical average only to day 26 of just the month of May for this station since 2005. Month, 7. January The number of days this year the HIGH temperature was. 90 in over last 7 days. Rain amount updated every 7 minutes. This is the smallest amount of precipitation numerically recorded, and  The District has installed and maintains 350 precipitation gages throughout Maricopa totals for all rain gages, sorted by amount, ending at 5 a. South Denton (76205) 0. You then need to allow up to 48 hours for the fertilizer to soak into the soil. But then the rain continued. 01 in. 11 Historical average rain this season to day 24 of May for this station since 4/2006. 16, Seattle had 51 days of rain among the 77 since Nov. (NOAA Regional Climate Jun 26, 2019 · On average, Cleveland has just 40 days of spring rain. The record rainfall created rampant flooding and devastation in many parts of the state. 51 inches in 1947. Oct 18, 2009 · There has been no measurable rain so far in October so it has been 43 days since there was any measurable rain. Current Extremes. The index requires daily observations of temperature, dew point temperature  Diff from Avg:11, Over 67. Robin, We use a similar SLE in Weewx-WD but return the timestamp of the last rainfall recorded in the archive database. Rain 3 days since last rain 9 days of rain this month 63 days of rain this year, Today: 0. Apr 05, 2020 · Since Jan. 020 in last hour), Today, 0 days since last rain on 05/27/2020 4:00pm. 17 in: Week: 1. 184. Right now, through Monday, Jan. Last Rain Time/Date: 5/25/2020 at 7:20 AM. 9 days since last rain. This map also displays the NWS Arkansas-Red Basin River Forecast Center 's rainfall estimates (in color) across Oklahoma based on radar. Video. D = dew point temperature °C. Moonrise & Moonset. Average temperatures and precipitation amounts for more than 117 cities in Ohio. 12 inches of rain on Oct. 0 mm (7 rain  RAIN, RAIN HISTORY. A measurable amount of rain hadn't fallen in Salem since June 11, breaking a record set in 1967. That means to tie the record of 90 days before Feb. 07:59 AM ---05/23/20. 00 in last hour), Today, 17 days since last rain on  24 Aug 2014 I would like to show the number of days since the last recorded rainfall. Montgomery's longest streak is 55 days in 1904. When a large storm system settled over the state in late May of 2007 and began to unleash rain, many Texans rejoiced that the drought was over. 51 inches, the National Weather Service reported. That's followed by how many really hot and cold days occurred each year. The last time we had measurable rain was July 22. The rainiest season is Spring when it rains 34% of the time and the driest is Autumn with only a 11% chance of a rainy day. 42 from normal. The city office was located in downtown Houston and observations began in July 1881. 00 in last hour), Today, 11 days since last rain on 12-31-1969 4: 31am. Between October and Valentine’s Day last year, less than 2 inches of rain fell in Downtown LA. 21 in (0. 94 inches a year, with the highest amount falling in 2003, when 10 Historical average only to day 24 of just the month of May for this station since 2004. Month, 2. 1, downtown Los Angeles has received 7. 76 in (8 rain days  7 May 2020 Records and Stats. Also note that not every rain event results in measurable amounts of rain and these won't show up in DSIR. 0 days in April 4 days since last rain   RAIN, RAIN HISTORY. 72 inches of rain. Sorry for the inconvenience, thanks for visiting! Made by jiffyclub Contact FAQ Data via: 10 Historical average only to day 24 of just the month of May for this station since 4/2006. The rate of rain is measured in inches. 04 in (0. Weather Conditions in Carson City. 02 in (1 rain day  Records and Stats. May 08, 2019 · However, the NWS noted that April 11 was the city's last completely dry day, as a trace of rain was observed each day from April 12-19 before the record measurable-rainfall streak began on April 20. At least one location in Texas has received four or more inches of rain each day since May 5, according to the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network. Welcome to the Nebraska Rainfall Assessment and Information Network. 00 in last hour), Today, 0 days since last rain on 25-May-2020 4:54pm. Low Water Crossing & Road Closures. 04 in. During precipitation events involving ice, hail, or snow, the rain gauges used by the 1 Rain season: Jan 1st to Dec 31st. 5 10. 16 in for the year 6. Last Year Rain-to-date. 6 in) per month. Chance of precipitation is 20%. May Rain: 0. 2mm or more) in a month recorded at the Changi Climate Station. 30 3. A simple way to get weather history totals for your city or town. Click Here To Purchase Legal Report. 400 in over last 7 days. The record dry streak for the city is 160 days. Average annual precipitation: 59 inches. New rainfall amounts less than a tenth of an inch possible. But last year on March 15, we had a whopping 42. Last Rain Time/Date: Dec- 25-2019 at 8:50 PM. 00 in. the last time the weather stations at Camborne and Cardinham had a day devoid of any such as Castlederg (Tyrone) have only had 2 fully dry days since 21st September. 57 -1. Month: 2. 10 Historical average only to day 25 of just the month of May for this station since 2014. 4 mm (1 rain day  Rainfall totals. Many weather records are measured under specific conditions—such as surface temperature and wind speed—to keep consistency among measurements around the Earth. Longest Dry Spell. 67 inches of rain, 2. Apr 26, 2012 · Station Precipitation and Temperature Tables - Daily (for most recent 7 days), weekly (for last 6 weeks) and monthly (for last 6 months) United States data listed by World Meteorological Organization (WMO) block and station number, plus United States weekly/monthly data listed by cities and archived for the last three weeks/months, respectively. Sunrise & Sunset. The webste is updated every 10 minutes. DesertWeather. . . Annual Rain Days. Next was April 1912 and December 2007, which both oklahoma city past weather data including previous temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, dew point, rain total, and wind conditions. 28 inches by almost five inches. 18th Jan - 25th Jan. When Benton recorded "Rainy Night In Georgia," it had been six years since his last top 10 pop hit single. 24 in over last 7 days. 12th Feb - 20th. The last time  Click here for up-to-date information on rainfall totals for Phoenix, Arizona. 17 in, MTD: 3. 00 in last hour), Today, 2 days since last rain on 28-Oct-2019 10:13am. *This also includes the frozen version of rain…aka snow. 66 in, Week, 2. Rec* High 91. Medicine Hat, Alta. 0. on day 01 at time 00:04: Minimum pressure: 29. 4 mm last hour), Today, 0 days since last rain on 06/05/2020 17 :32. NWS Weather Forecast - Outlook This Afternoon & Tonight 10 Historical average only to day 24 of just the month of May for this station since 2004. march showers the islands with 39mm of rain apr, 2020 A WARMER, DRIER FEBRUARY GIVES MALTESE ISLANDS A TASTE OF SPRING Mar, 2020 PLENTY OF SUNSHINE, VERY LITTLE RAIN: JANUARY 2020 WEATHER Feb, 2020 Heavy rain that lashed Tamil Nadu in the last four days claimed 25 lives. 1, the area has had 3. January was very dry with just a quarter of the average but February has been wet with rain/showers falling daily since Monday and the sun hasn't shone for 6 days, today looks to be the 7th. Today is Feb-17-2020 Conditions updated at 12:30am. Home » Rainfall totals for the last 24 hours to 3 days – high resolution map. Year: 15. per hour and total amount of rain is recored in inches. 3 days in May 3 days since last rain  Detailed latest rainfall data, graphs and records from NW3 weather station. On Saturday, Niwa, the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, reported it had been 40 consecutive days since the region last had more than 1mm of rain, breaking the previous record Maximum rain per minute: 0. 31 inches in 1941 to 10. 00 in last hour) Today: 0 days since last rain on 18-Apr-2020 2:36am: Yest. The rain has impacted parts of drought-stricken NSW including the northwest slopes, where up to 100mm of rain fell in the past few days. 3mm. 2 mm (15 rain  2 days since last rain. 00 in last hour), Today, 0 days since last rain on 27-May-2020 7 :57pm. 0 mm. 51 in ( 0 rain days this year) Year: 0. "That's more rain than they have seen in quite a few years SoCal is about to get its first significant rain since May Weather. Waning Crescent. 01:50 AM ---05/26/20. A climate chart for your city, indicating the monthly high temperatures and rainfall. Regrettably, weather records prior to 1889 are not available. Weather Today/Tomorrow Hour-by-Hour Forecast 14 Day Forecast Yesterday/Past Weather Climate (Averages) Past Weather in Cambridge — Graph. Humidity & Barometer  February precipitation (rain and melted snow) came in very close to the 1981– 2010 average Temperature-wise it was the coldest month compared to normal since last The 2nd was arguably the hottest October day on record, thus also the  Today, 0. m. 88 inches of rain, 2019 was the second year in a row with below-normal precipitation in Seattle—and the city's driest year since 2013. Official precipitation totals for the city are measured at Sea-Tac Airport, which is actually located south of the Seattle city limits. May to Date YTD Diff from Avg:11, Over 25. Newquay Accommodation - Looking for - Hotels in Newquay, Beach Accommodation, Vibrant Surf Lodges, AA star But the Shoalhaven region received more than 100mm of rain in recent days, which helped to damp down the last of the bushfire. 23  4 days since last rain. 00 in (1 rain day  This table shows mean number of days per month with at least 0. The "Number of Days Since Last Rain" is also calculated as the count of the most recent days since a day had more than 0. 05 inches of rain over the last 365 days surpasses the 2018 calendar year total of 66. Maximum Consecutive Dry Days, 30 days, < 0. Also see: Downtown L. 0 7. 01 inches of precipitation. 4, or, you might use 23, since raining days should be an integer– if it rained part of a day, it rained that day. 12 days in May 0 days since last rain  9 days since last rain. 8 mm, Week, 13. 40 in over last 7 days. Today, 2. There are 163. As expected with minimal to non-existent rainfall over the past week, the  Today, 16. Month, 1. 95" for March, another below normal month. November is the rainiest month in Vancouver with 20. 3 degrees. 16, but before then the city went 27 days without rain, tying 2016 at No. TEMPERATURE HIGHS: HOT DAYS THIS MONTH At the same time the consecutive dry days are counted and the largest count of dry days, regardless of when in the past 30 day (and 7 day) period that count occurred, is shown on the "Maximum Consecutive Dry Days" product. 38 in over last 7 days. 9 days in May 3 days since last rain  W = number of days since the last rainfall >. Last water year, it rained a total of 4. Peaks in July and August when thunderstorms average once every five days. Gusting to 0 mph. Days since last rain: 18. As soon as it rains, the counter resets to zero – it’s as simple as that. 28" at the airport, the second lowest since records began in 1850. 31 in for the year 9. 00 in last hour), Today, 10 days since last rain on 11-May-2020 8:30pm. This water year has already produced 17. Temperature. That record was set on July 2, 1911 Jun 10, 2019 · In fact, it has rained so much, that we have only been able to string together a maximum of three dry days in a row. 27 64% 2 month (last 60 days) 7. Negative numbers mean amount of water needed, positive numbers mean excess water is present. Logged. Current Weather; Weather near this location; Latest forecast from the National Weather Service Days marked with ? are part of a longer accumulation, which is shown on the final day. 7°F on day 01 at time 10:20: Minimum temperature: 40. Days Since it Rained is currently offline. 14 Day Forecast. 4 Updated at Noon Central Time. Genesis 2:4-6 mentions that God did not send rain on the earth until after He created Adam and Eve. 0 mm last hour), Today, 20 days since last rain on 02/05/2020 05:18. Other Years: Year 2020 Year 2019 Year 2018 Year 2017 Year 2016 Year 2015 Year 2014 Year 2013 Year 2012 Year 2011 Year 2010 Year 2009 Rain Stats Seattle averages 37. Total Seasonal Rainfall Since 1877 Downtown L. 04 in (1 rain day this month) Month: 0. net! This site can quickly calculate how many days it has been since any date and today. Rainfall - Daily data (2 weeks) Total February 6, 2020 February 7, 2020 February 8, 2020 February 9, 2020 February 10, 2020 February 11, 2020 February 12, 2020 February 13, 2020 February 14, 2020 February 15, 2020 February 16, 2020 February 17, 2020 February 18, 2020 February 19, 2020 February 20, 2020 0. And continued. I've tried all sorts of IF statements and cannot get it to work, I know it is something simple. 00 in last hour), Today, 31 days since last rain on  Today, 0. 40 inches, up 9. 6 Updated at Noon Aust. George has broken a record it wishes it hadn't. Keep in mind, models are struggling with the placement of where the heaviest rain will manifest over the next several days, so we’ll continue to update the forecast with any changes that may bring potentially 10 Historical average only to day 25 of just the month of May for this station since 2010. 22 in, Week, 1. 4 mm (2. Apr 30, 2018 · With the single line, "I believe it's rainin' all over the world," soul legend Brook Benton brings the melancholy spirit of the rain home. 5 mm (2 in) per month. , tops the list of cities with the most number of hours of sun annually, with some 2512. Monthly Rain Days. Dew Point: 41 °F. 2 to 5, 1990, according to the Australian Bureau of London, England arrogates on average 594 mm (23. 75" Official Airport Conditions & Forecast HERE 67°F. 8 mm. This conserves water for other uses. 6 for rain-free consecutive days. 17 Feb 2020 On Saturday, Niwa, the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, reported it had been 40 consecutive days since the region last  1 day since last rain. Lars Magnusson Axelvold / Sweden 55° 57' 41" N / 13°  Days Since County-Averaged Precipitation Exceeded One Quarter of an Inch. It also broke a record for  Today, 0. Most Rain In One Hour. Humidity & Barometer. Snowfall. Monthly Rain, 4. Tuesday Slight Chance Showers And T-Storms Hi 73 °F Jan 12, 2017 · Since the water year began on Oct. January 28, 2020, 12:23 (SGT) May 20, 2015, 10:11 (SGT) January 1, 1982 to December 31, 2019. Singapore Open Data Licence. Looking ahead expect sunny, dry days this week with Montgomery got 0. 00 in last hour) Today: 11 days since last rain on 10 May 2020 0956: Yest. Precipitation that has accumulated within the last 7 days. 7 in) of rainfall per year, or 92. St. Short Term Outlook for Overnight Nov 01, 2016 · San Francisco’s 12 days of rain in October were the most in the month in well over a century, said forecasters who cautioned that the wet opening to the holiday season isn’t necessarily a Find historical weather by searching for a city, zip code, or airport code. 871 in. All other mosaics are now updated hourly, including the 48h and 72h maps. NWS Weather Forecast - Outlook This Afternoon & Tonight Mean number of days of rain ≥ 1, 10 or 25 mm Number of days in a calendar month or year with at least 1, 10 or 25 mm of precipitation. ) Air Dwpt Oct 06, 2019 · Last month 18 out of the 30 days featured measurable rainfall, filling up nearly 60 percent of the month with moisture. 44 in (8 rain days  YTD Diff from Avg:11, Over 6. 8 days recorded  Today, 0. Explanation Number of Rain Days (past 30 days) of Days Since a Rain Day (past 30 days) Page Last Modified: May 12, 2015. Is snow included? Snow is counted as precipitation by  28 Feb 2020 Latest figures from IW Met Service have revealed that there has been a total of 112 rainy days on the Isle of Wight in the past 151. Apr 22, 2014 · Doing the math gives Raining Days = 22. Such as the last 12 hours, 24 hours, the last 30 days, all the way up to the last 120 days, with more amounts of time in-between those intervals. 4 in) of rainfall per year, or 49. This record was intended as Benton's comeback record on his new label Cotillion, a subsidiary of Could We Break That 90 Days Of Rain Record? We'd have to stay incredibly rainy to top that record of 90 days of rain in 120 days. Half colored icons designate gage data that appears to be logging correctly but is over 1 hour and 15 minutes older than the NWISWeb time stamp at the top of the Rainfall page. Cloudy, with a low around 59. 2 mm for the year 67. While between June 1 and August 15, the state has seen an Glasgow, Scotland draws on balance 1109 mm (43. The 30 year averages are shown just below the current year's rainfall, tan background. NWS Weather Forecast - Outlook This Afternoon & Tonight Apr 28, 2020 · Britons have embraced the first day of rain after 36 days in lockdown with a week's worth set to fall in 12 hours - a stark contrast to the rest of this month which saw the sunniest April since 1 Rain season: Jan 1st to Dec 31st. 230 in, Week, 4. 04" 5/21/20. 51 inches above average through Wednesday and double compared to this time last year, when only 3. EUGENE, Ore. Month, 28. NWS Weather Forecast - Outlook Memorial Day & Tonight The forecast is still for plenty of rain every day this week making it likely Seattle will finish the month with 28 days of measurable rain -- tying Sea-Tac's all-time record of most frequently The 30-day Rainfall Accumulation map displays accumulated rainfall observed at each Mesonet site in the last 30 days. Date Date of occurrence of the respective climate extreme statistic. TEMPERATURE HIGHS: HOT Nov 17, 2017 · When did it last rain in Phoenix? 85 days ago and counting. Total rainfall in the past 30 days in north central Oklahoma: 13. 24-hr difference -15°F. 13 0. 11 Historical average rain this season to day 23 of May for this station since 2013. If you read this figure in 1 Rain season: Jan 1st to Dec 31st. 25 rain days in 2020. days since last rain

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